MotorGuide continues to build on a rich legacy of product innovation that began nearly 60 years ago. We’ve spent recent seasons with a renewed look at everything through the mind’s eye of the fisherman, and we’ve quietly dedicated ourselves to creating the most durable, reliable and easiest- to-use trolling motors ever. Because we believe a trolling motor should do more than simply move a boat forward.

It should move fishing forward.


The MotorGuide Advantage means you’re backed by our strong commitment and dedicated resources. We have a renewed focus on designing, engineering and manufacturing best-in-class trolling motors that deliver
quiet operation, extended battery life, precise control and ease of use. We’re working to exceed our customer’s expectations for motors that are reliable and durable over the long haul.

Xi3 & Xi5 SERIES

The Xi5 & Xi3 Series will change the way you fish with 50% faster steering rotation than competitors, wireless Hand & Foot control, Anchor mode much more, allowing for unmatched agility and instantly responsive handling.

Chartplotter Integration connects your display through NMEA 2000 and a Pinpoint GPS Gateway Cable to enable effortless control.


Our most precise and responsive motor is the quietest on the market. Stowing and deploying is safe and easy with our SecureStep system. Xi5 packs plenty of power for moving your boat, while Digital Power management technology ensures you can stay out for the long haul.

Xi5 features a wireless GPS hand remote and foot pedal for operation from anywhere on the boat. With quiet, responsive electric steering and 50% faster steering rotation than competitors, it adds control to an otherwise unpredictable sport. Standard Pinpoint® GPS for GPS-assisted Anchor, Jog, Cruise Control and more.

Don’t let location stop you, with both Saltwater & Freshwater models available.

Wireless foot pedal for outstanding control from anywhere on the boat. Steering is the quietest and most responsive available, with 50% faster rotation than the competition

A unique dual stow cradle design guides and secures the motor into the stowed position. A secondary safety catch prevents the motor from deploying and striking the boat

LED status indicators help you monitor four key motor functions at a glance, including three levels of battery life


To up your game, connect Pinpoint® GPS seamlessly to Mercury Vessel view, Simrad and Lowrance displays for more advanced features, functionality and unmatched accuracy.

First class features like Cruise Control, Anchor, Heading lock, Route Record and many more, will provide you with ultimate boat and course control.


It’s wireless out of the box, so you’re immediately in control from anywhere on the boat. You’ll be free to move around to scan the flats, or find the best position for casting. And during a long day of fishing, you’ll really appreciate our SecureStep system, which makes stowing and deploying safe and easy. Releasing the motor from its locked position, and raising it to stow and go, takes just a single step on the release lever from a comfortable standing position. You’ll also get best-inclass quiet operation that’s up to 40% quieter than the competition. Xi3 also features MotorGuide PinPoint GPS technology and is available in Saltwater and Freshwater models.

Large release lever triggers both stow and deploy functions from a standing position. Visual and audible cues indicate when the motor is locked in the stowed position

Xi Series shafts are made of a premium composite material with a lifetime warranty

LED status indicators help you monitor four key motor functions at a glance, including three levels of battery life


The R series hand operated trolling motor is Industry-leading transom mount, with reversible motor head for bow or backtrolling operation. Ergonomic, extendable twist-tiller handle, available five forward speeds andt two reverse speeds. Available in either Salt or Freshwater built.


The R3 gets the job done for anglers looking for a transom mount motor that combines workhorse operation with the right level of refinement. Its smooth-running Digital Power Management technology ensures longer run time between battery charges. For even more flexibility, the motor head is reversible for bow-mount operation. This model is available in both Saltwater and Freshwater models for use anywhere.



The powder-coated aluminium alloy transom mount has stainless steel locking pins for strength and solid engagement in seven positions

Classic twist-tiller operation and ergonomic extending handle for added control and comfort


You can count on the new R5 transom mount to deliver the thrust to move you effortlessly over long stretches. And with Digital Power Management technology extending the battery life, you can plan on spending more time fishing your favorite areas. Plus, MotorGuide invented saltwater-specific trolling motors, so we know a thing or two about protecting your investment from corrosion. Fish with more purpose and confidence than ever before with the all-new R5.


The rigid aluminium alloy mount features an easy-to-use tilt/stow/deploy mechanism that also allows the motor to be locked to the transom

Shaft is made of a premium composite material with a lifetime warranty. Lower unit is protected with a proprietary three-coating process to withstand corrosion



MotorGuide® offers a complete line of performance- tuned propellers to enhance your motor’s all-around performance in any application. MotorGuide custom props were designed with the input of the Mercury® Propeller engineers and include weedless, power, and shallow water options.











Q. What is the difference between white and black Xi5 or Xi3 models?

A. The white coloured units are for Saltwater use and the black are for Freshwater use

Q. Can I fit a GPS to my Xi5 or Xi3?

A. Yes you can purchase a GPS Kit and upgrade a Non-GPS model to include GPS. Contact your nearest MotorGuide dealer

Q. How do I connect my MotorGuide to Lowrance Fish Finder?

A. You will require a Gateway (Part# 8M0092085) to connect the MotorGuide Xi5 or Xi3 unit to NMEA 2000 network. Refer to your nearest MotorGuide dealer for details

Q. What Fish Finder models are compatible with my Xi5 or Xi3 PinPoint GPS unit?

A. Mercury Vessel View 502, 702, 703 & 903 screens. Simrad Elite Ti touch, NSS Evo2 & 3 and Go Series. Lowrance HDS Gen 2 & 3 Touch models.

Q. Who do I contact if I have an issue? 

A. Refer to your nearest MotorGuide dealer by clicking on the Stocking Dealer tab on this web site

Q. What is an angle and compass calibration?

A. Compass calibration sets the PinPoint GPS system to the area in which it is operating in.

Q. When should I carry out an angle and compass calibration?

A. On installation, if the PinPoint GPS system is not working correctly or if you travel more than 200Kms from the point of calibration. Refer to Owners-Manual for details on how to calibrate.

Q. What is my warranty coverage?

A. MotorGuide has a 2-Year warranty from date of purchase.

Q. In what order should I turn on my MotorGuide, NMEA network and sounder?

A. Turn on your Sounder, MotorGuide then lastly the NMEA network to connect.

Q. The Pinpoint GPS will not store an anchor point, recall a route, or hold a heading lock. Why is that?

A. The GPS has not acquired a fixed GPS position. Allow at least 60 seconds for the GPS system to acquire a fixed GPS position. Listen for a three‑beep tune, and also look for the GPS status indicator light to illuminate, indicating that the system has acquired a fixed GPS position. Also, verify that no obstructions are overhead (such as bridges, buildings, large trees, etc.) blocking the GPS antenna's view of the sky overhead.